Sarcopenia is a progressive loss of muscle, that leads to reduced physical strength, poor mobility and increasing frailty. Sarcopenia can accelerate the ageing process. It has been shown that AstaMed MYOTM in combination with diet and exercise is a new medical strategy to manage sarcopenia.

AstaMed MYOTM is a prescription medical food for the clinical management of sarcopenia. It is a medicinal formulation which helps to nutritionally support muscle metabolism and suppress sarcopenia. AstaMed MYO’s primary ingredient is astaxanthin in combination with Vitamin D3.
Ask your doctor about sarcopenia and AstaMed MYOTM.
AstaMed MYOTM is available at AstaMed Direct by prescription from your doctor.
Sarcopenia  - Sarcopenia is a disease that is characterized by progressive loss of skeletal muscle. In sarcopenia, muscle mass and/or quality decrease beyond the normal aging process as a consequence of inadequate lifestyle and other issues leading to a reduction in muscle strength and physical performance. Sarcopenia, negatively impacts Quality of Life (QOL), mobility and independence. Sarcopenia is associated with premature death. It has long been considered a part of the aging process that cannot be managed, even though it is estimated that sarcopenia affects approximately 45% of the U.S. senior population and exceeds $18 billion dollars in direct healthcare costs annually. On October 1, 2016, sarcopenia was acknowledged as a disease condition, and was coded in the International Classification of Disease, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) under the code of M62.84.
Clinical Management of Sarcopenia  - Currently there is no medical prescription to treat the consequences of poor lifestyle and sarcopenia. According to the latest studies, appropriate nutritional intake and moderate exercise are useful tools as a part of a clinical management strategy. However it is not realistic that an individual can meet all of the distinctive requirements alone.  Ask your doctor about sarcopenia and request the latest clinical management strategy. 
AstaMed MYOTM  - The gold standard management for sarcopenia is:  lifestyle modification - which includes an optimal intake of quality protein and amino acids combined with a moderate exercise program. In addition, nutritional supplementation with the astaxanthin formula has been shown in clinical studies to maintain and support optimal muscle size and function. AstaMed MYOTM provides a clinical solution. In short, diet, exercise plus AstaMed MYOTM is a new protocol for sarcopenia.