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AstaMed MYO meets primary 1-month objective of increased muscle strength

AstaMed, a division of Astavita, Inc., today announced the interim results of a clinical study showing patients with sarcopenia significantly improved muscle strength as a result of receiving 30 days of a natural astaxanthin formulation without any lifestyle modifications or additional exercise protocols. The ongoing study is designed to explore the effectiveness of AstaMed MYO among adult patients with sarcopenia who have impaired muscle function. Final results are anticipated in Q4' 2016 or Q1' 2017. The official launch of AstaMed MYO is scheduled for Q4' 2016 and will be available from pharmacies.

During this interim period, patients demonstrated statistically significant double digit improvements in muscle strength (maximal voluntary contractions of leg muscles) as a preliminary result of daily administration of AstaMed MYO. It is believed that oxidative stress lowered by AstaMed MYO's astaxanthin formulation allowed the subjects to generate greater force in skeletal muscles through improved muscle metabolism.

"Astavita is continuing to pioneer the clinical development of astaxanthin-based products to address unmet nutritional and health needs for individuals, such as those living with sarcopenia," said Dan Henry, General Manager, Astavita, Inc. "We're aggressively expanding our research and development capabilities to provide new and innovative solutions for the 21st century. There is an increasing need for new options to help address the long term health requirements of people living with the debilitating effects of sarcopenia and associated loss of muscle function and performance. These interim results support the effectiveness of AstaMed MYO as a new clinical strategy for sarcopenia patients."

The interim results represent the first marker of a 4-month study being conducted at the University of Washington among more than 50 male and female adult subjects, aged 65-85 years of age, with evidence of skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction. The second and final marker will represent an additional 3-month period in which participants receiving AstaMed MYO, combined with exercise training, will be evaluated.


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About Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a disease that leads to the progressive loss of skeletal muscle. In Sarcopenia, muscle mass decreases beyond the normal aging process because of inadequate lifestyle and other issues leading to decrease in muscle strength and/or physical performance, negatively impacting Quality of Life, mobility and independence, and even resulting in mortality. It has long been considered a part of aging that cannot be managed, even though it is estimated that sarcopenia affects approximately 45% of the U.S. senior population and exceeds $18 billion dollars in direct healthcare costs annually. Beginning October 1, 2016, sarcopenia will be coded in the International Classification of Disease, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) under the code of M62.84.

About AstaMed® MYO AstaMed MYO is a prescription medical food for the clinical dietary management of sarcopenia. The formulation consists of proprietary natural astaxanthin as well as natural tocotrienols, zinc and vitamin D3. The product is expected to be available in Q4' 2016 from pharmacies.

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