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ICD-10-CM code for sarcopenia established

It was announced the CDC has established an ICD-10-CM code for sarcopenia and the code, M62.84, will be available for use effective October 1, 2016.

Dan Henry, General Manager of AstaMed said, “signs of sarcopenia in the patients are likely to slip through unnoticed under the current circumstances, even though it is a disease that can lead to a loss of independence or mortality” and also said “the establishment of the ICD-10-CM code for sarcopenia must be a significant step for the recognition of sarcopenia in the medical community and opening avenues toward the new clinical strategy”.


AIM's news release:

About Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a progressive loss disease of skeletal muscle. In sarcopenia, muscle mass progressively decreases beyond normal aging process because of inadequate lifestyle and other issues. It negatively results in decreasing muscle strength and/or physical performance, which brings critical risks on the Quality of Life, the independence and even the mortality. So far, it has been considered as a part of aging that cannot be managed, although it is estimated that sarcopenia affects approximately 45% of the U.S. senior population and it exceeds $18 billion dollars in direct healthcare costs. Beginning October 2016, sarcopenia will be coded in the International Classification of Disease, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) under the code of M62.84.

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