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Clinical Management of Sarcopenia with AstaMed MYOTM

High Quality Protein & Amino Acids from Diet Are the Foundation

Protein is essential for the sarcopenia patient. It is a source of building muscle mass. Furthermore many studies have reported that levels of amino acid intake, especially leucine-rich BCAA are primarily responsible for stimulation of muscle protein anabolism, especially after exercise.


The preferred way to manage overall protein/amino acids intake is through dietary modifications, if at all possible. For those individuals without contraindications, a diet of high-quality protein rich in leucine at 25-30 g/meal seems to confer anabolic advantages. Supplementation with high quality protein/amino acids can also be effective if diet modification alone does not allow sufficient protein intake.

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Personalized Exercise Training Is an Initiator

Exercise is critical for sarcopenia management in order to improve protein metabolism in the muscle. However, reduced physical activity and decreased lung capacity characteristic of aging populations pose added challenges to the management of sarcopenia. Thus, it is important to implement a personalized program that evolves together with the patient’s physical abilities. Resistance training with strength-training machines, squats, or one-leg stand training are good examples. Walking can be effective as well, as it improves mitochondrial functions.

Plus, Nutritional Management with AstaMed MYOTM

Vitamin D is also important. The daily intake should be around 800 IU. However, this level can be difficult to meet through diet modification alone, considering the fact that its deficiency has been identified throughout the U.S. population. Moreover, the elderly require higher Vitamin D intake to overcome deficiency.


Antioxidants also constitute a necessary element. In addition to increasing antioxidant intake, it is important to think about antioxidant combinations that can effectively target mitochondria. However, such an optimal combination of antioxidants might be difficult to find even in an improved diet.


In order to meet the distinctive nutritional requirements that cannot be met by diet modification alone, additional means for the dietary management of sarcopenia are required. AstaMed MYOTM fulfills these requirements.

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