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AstaMed's mission is to harness potentials of this irreplaceable nutritional molecule – astaxanthin – to help you "Be You, Just Healthier", in scientific and practical ways.

Our Focus Is Mitigating the Risks of Lifestyle and Premature Aging

The more convenient the lifestyle becomes and the more the lifespan lengthens, the more people are frightened by the risks linked to lifestyle and premature aging. There is an emerging epidemic that can be traced back to rapid increases in overweight, obesity and physical inactivity. 25-30 % of senior Americans have diabetes. Almost the same percent of the population has sarcopenia. Further on, about half of this population has dementia. Although these ailments are tightly linked to mortality and lower the quality of life of so many senior people, the standard healthcare modus operandi is struggling to provide concrete solutions to these problems.

We Are Proposing not a Product per se, But the Strategy to Manage Those Risks

It is well-known that a perfectly balanced diet, enough exercise, low stress and sound sleep are the gold standard, and therefore must become the primary strategy for preventing or managing risks of lifestyle diseases and premature signs of aging. However, it is also well-known among healthcare professionals that it is difficult to practice and implement certain lifestyle modifications. Most people find it too difficult to embark on the everlasting path of lifestyle changes armed only with patience, although this is the best and simplest way to manage the risks. We have been investigating a great number of resources to develop breakthrough solutions. Our answer is that the efforts toward lifestyle modification can be supported by scientifically-based, nutritional support. A healthy diet and exercise combined with well-designed nutritional support must be the strategy to manage the risks of lifestyle and premature aging.

We Are Astaxanthin Experts

Over 20 years ago, we at AstaMed unlocked the potential of a unique natural molecule called astaxanthin, often referred to as the “king of antioxidants”, since it is literally hundreds of times more potent than most antioxidants found in nature. Since then, we have been working on this irreplaceable molecule - for its production, research, development and distribution. Now we are trying to expand the frontiers of natural astaxanthin in terms of both research and markets, as pioneers of this highly valuable, natural antioxidant. AstaMed is a brand of Astavita, Inc. and a part of AstaReal / Fuji Chemical Industries Group, which is dedicated exclusively to production, research, application, and marketing of natural astaxanthin. For more information, please visit AstaReal Group Website

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